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Peffley Media is a portal of websites that are geared toward comedy, lifestyle, and entertainment. We currently produce 3 million monthly unique visitors and over 20 million page views.


Peffley Media has a large male following, most of which fall under the 18-24 age bracket, and have a college education. 70% of traffic comes from the US where users browse from home, using Chrome browsers.


Our traffic has a generally low bounce rate (under 50%) with an average of 6 page views per user.


Peffley Media operates 10 Facebook pages with a combined audience of over 730,000 fans. We manage contests, games, and trivia on our pages for continued rapid growth and engagement.

Rate Card

The following information is subject to change depending on impressions bought. There is a 100k minimum.

728x90 Above the Fold – 5 CPM

300x250 Above the Fold – 5 CPM

728x90 Below the Fold – 2 CPM

300x250 Below the Fold – 2 CPM

468x60 Above the Fold – 2 CPM

CPC ads: If you have a site with actual content (non-adult videos, articles, or picture galleries) we can sell you traffic on a CPC basis. Traffic is sold at .06 CPC with a minimum of 50,000 clicks per purchase. Price Per click is negotiable depending on bulk.

Our custom media rotation tool allows advertisers to have their content seen directly under our content, allowing strong engagement from the audience.

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